Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in New Mexico Horse Adventures!

Below are some of the questions we hear most. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to email us any time and we'll get back to you.

When can we come and/or when are your workshops and rides scheduled?
We don’t have scheduled rides or workshops. This way, we can tailor your trip to whenever you want to come and whatever you want to do. We can plan rides anytime of the year and find the scenery you are looking for whenever you want to come.
We can arrange single day trips, multiple single day trips, overnight trips, overnight trips with meals, chuck wagon services, riding lessons, etc. Just let us know what you want.
There will be exceptions to this flexible schedule in cases such as costumed riding opportunities at historic sites, or a horse and spa retreat but we will post these on our web page.
How long do these trips last?
We don’t have a specific time period. We prefer to build custom vacations tailored to suit your needs and interests. Tell us what you want to do and we will give you several options. We can do anything from one day to ?
What kind of horse should I bring?
Your horse should have trail experience, be able to cross water, load and trailer, and be comfortable moving through brush, and on rocky surfaces. If your horse has problems being around other horses please let us know ahead of time.
Do I have to bring a horse?
No. We have extra horses if you do not have or do not want to bring your own. Our horses are Morgans which are the original American horse. The first Morgan was born in New England in 1789 and all Morgans of today trace back to that first stallion. Morgans are known for their devotion to people, level-headedness, and intelligence.
Will you show us how you train your horses?
Yes, this can be part of your program. We train horses for Western riding and for carriage driving. At any given time we have horses in all stages of training and can show you each phase of our program.
How experienced a rider do I need to be?
For the trail rides you should be able to ride out at a trot, cross water, get on and off your horse without assistance, pack a lunch and water, and be comfortable for a 3-5 hour ride.
What kind of physical condition do I need to be in?
A ‘normal, healthy adult’. If you have any health problems such as diabetes, etc. we need to know ahead of time and have you bring a clearance from a doctor. If you weigh more than 225lbs, you will have to bring your own horse. Under 225lbs and we can supply a horse if you need one.
What about children?
Children over 10 can be accommodated with notice. For the trail rides they should be at least an intermediate rider. In New Mexico, riders 18 and under are required to wear a helmet. For lessons that can be any age over 6 and do not need any experience.
For the photography workshops do I need a digital camera?
No, there are places to develop and print color print film.
Is there a specific brand of camera to bring?
No, bring what you have and we will help you use it. A longer than normal lens will be very helpful and is strongly recommended. We also suggest bring at least 4 one mb memory cards, or the equivalent for your digital camera. If you have a laptop to download your images bring it with you. If not, that is fine.
Do we need a western saddle?
No, bring whatever you like to use on the trail. You will need saddle bags for lunches and camera(s). If you ride one of our horses we will have a Western saddle for you.
What about the weather?
In the summer bring rain gear. Late June-August is out monsoon season and we can get rain in the mountains. In the spring it can be windy but the temps are pleasant. Winter there can be snow if we are north of Abq. Daytime temps can be between 30 and 55 in Central NM in the winter but generally sunny. We can generally ride and be outside most days of the year.
What about lodging?
Give us your budget and we will recommend several options for you. From low budget hotels to B&Bs in Corrales.
What is the altitude there?
Albuquerque is 5,000’. Some of the mountains can be 8,000’-9,500’. The mesas to the west and north will be around 6,000’.
What is the closest airport?
Albuquerque, NM. This is only 25 miles away.
How far do we have to go to ride?
It depends what type of scenery you want to see. We can be a long way out in just an hour during the cooler months. During the summer, in about an hour and a half you can be at 8,000’ and in some very pretty mountain areas. You can always go farther out there if you want to do so.
Tell me about the wild horses.
There are several groups here in NM. There is one group way out on a private ranch. It is tough to get to, you need clearance, and we would only go if it is dry. They are almost straight line descendants of the Spanish Barbs as they have been isolated for generations. There are other mixed groups at several places around the state. Some we can drive to but there is one group that we may have to get on a horse and go find to add to the excitement.
Can I get lessons as part of your program?
Yes, if you want riding or carriage driving lessons we can build a program just for you. We can’t promise to make you a finished rider or driver in just a few days but we can give you a good introduction.
Can I combine different activities?
Yes, we are a small custom program and can build an equestrian vacation to suit your interests. You can get a riding or driving lesson in the morning, and photograph in the afternoon, you can get a driving lesson in the morning and ride and photograph in the afternoon, we can ride all day up in the mountains or out on the mesa, we can do overnight camping and riding trips, we can visit high end Arabian/Morgan/Appaloosa, etc. farms in the area, you can get lessons in the morning and find wild horses later in the day, whatever you desire. Unless you come with a large group we don’t pack a lot of strangers into the schedule at the same time. This vacation is just for you, you and a friend or significant other, or your family.
How much does this cost?
That is hard to say because we don’t know what you want to do or how long you want to stay. Send us a note telling some of this information and we will begin to develop several program options with estimates for each variation. We enjoy this work and want you to enjoy your vacation.